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Название: Modern Arnis For The New Millennium: The MA80 System Arnis/Eskrima
Автор: Dan Anderson
Издательство: Dan Anderson Martial Media
ISBN: 1477454276
Год: 2012
Страниц: 328
Язык: английский
Формат: pdf
Размер: 29.8 MB

Modern Arnis, the Filipino art of self-defense, was the brain child of Grand Master Remy A. Presas. From 1957 to 2001, he spread the art from its humble beginnings in Bacalod City in the Philippines to being an internationally known martial art. It was through his efforts that the dying arts of arnis and eskrima became revived. In 2001, Grand Master Presas passed away and left a void in the martial arts world. A number of senior students, both in the Philippines and the United States, continue to carry the torch. Prof. Dan Anderson is one of them. Prof. Anderson began his training with GM Presas in 1980 and continues on to this day. A US and world karate champion, he has used his experience to formulate what he calls the MA80 System Arnis/Eskrima. The MA80 System Arnis/Eskrima is unique as it takes influences not only from Modern Arnis, but from Balintawak Eskrima and Integrated Eskrima as well. This manual is the first of its kind as it details, chapter by chapter, the progression from beginner to Black Belt. All the techniques, exercises and drills needed to achieve full skill in this system are meticulously detailed within this book.Hundreds of photos depict:all the fighting ranges: the corto (close range), medio (medium range) and the largo (long range)cane and empty hand disarming techniquescane & dagger (espada y daga)footworktimingjoint lockingclassical arnis stylesand the Tapi-Tapi capture and locking tactics and much, much more.“This book of Dan’s, in your hand, or any book written by Dan is a treasure chest of explorations and ways for you, the reader, to take part in these explorations. They are truly users guides.” Bram Frank Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame 2007 Weapons Instructor of the Year.

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