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Название: Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Second Edition: Issues and Controversies in Crime and Justice
Автор: Bruce A. Arrigo, Stacey L. Shipley
Издательство: Academic Press
Год: 2004
Формат: pdf
Страниц: 600
Размер: 2 MB
Язык: English

Introduction to Forensic Psychology, Second Edition is an original approach to understanding how psychologists impact the research, practice, and policy of crime, law, and justice. Divided into four sections on criminal forensics, civil forensics, policing and law enforcement, and corrections and prison practices, the text examines police, court, and correctional aspects of forensic psychology. Each of the twelve chapters are organized around relevant case illustrations, include comprehensive literature reviews, and discuss policy implications and avenues of future research. Each chapter additionally incorporates research on race, gender, and class, as well as including a practice update, highlighting a timely issue or controversy. The text thoughtfully explores a wide range of adult, juvenile, family, and community themes of interest to students, practitioners, and administrators. New to the Second Edition is a chapter on international criminal forensic psychology, and sections on assessing psychiatric work-related disability, termination of parental rights, counseling prison populations, malingering, crisis intervention in prisons/jails, and child custody evaluations. Suitable as a primary text for courses on psychology and criminal justice, the book may also serve as a reference tool for practicing forensic psychologists. *Provides an integrative approach provides a more comprehensive understanding of the relevant material * Focus on police, court and corrections introduces students to how psychologists are important to the criminal justice system * Presents ''cutting edge'' issues that prepares students to interpret those issues at the forefront of the field * Presents a breadth of material accessible to students from which they can consider more intelligently their own career options * Case illustrations throughout points to the practical need to understand the material * Incorporates over 35% new material

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