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Dynamical and physical meteorology
Название: Dynamical and physical meteorology
Автор: Martin, Frank Lionel; Haltiner, George J.
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Год: 1957
Формат: djvu
Страниц: 487
Размер: 10,6 МБ
Язык: English

The rapid advance in the fields of dynamical and physical meteorology during the last decade has created a need for texts incorporating the results of recent research. These fields have become so broad that to confine a text of this kind to a reasonable size it is necessary to make a selection of topics. In general only those phases of physical meteorology that are more closely linked with dynamic meteorology are included. The authors endeavor to develop most topics from first principles and to bring the subject to a point near its present stage. However, the detailed development of any topic is carried only as far as the limited mathematics required of the reader permits. Beyond this point, a qualitative discussion of further advances is frequently made. Probably no two instructors would agree exactly on a list of subjects to be covered in a text of limited size; nevertheless the authors feel, on the basis of their experience in teaching meteorology, that the selection of topics here should afford a sufficiently broad basis from which more detailed discussions may proceed. The scope of the text is somewhat restricted by the fact that little mathematics beyond differential and integral calculus is assumed. Some vector calculus is employed, but the object here is mainly to simplify the mathematical equations and the physical interpretations. Since the vector operations used in this text are relatively few in number, they are reviewed in Chapter 1, so that the student may gain adequate facility with them. The experience of the authors indicates that the student, even though unfamiliar with the vector notation at first, soon becomes accustomed to it and ultimately benefits greatly through the simplification achieved. It should also be mentioned that brief reference to the terminology of statistics is made occasionally. However, these references occur so infrequently that the meaning, in general, is evident even if the student has no previous knowledge of statistics.


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