Karps Cell and Molecular Biology, 8th edition

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Название: Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology, 8th edition
Автор: Janet Iwasa, Wallace Marshall, Gerald Karp
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons, Inc
Год: 2016
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 930
Размер: 102 Mb
Язык: English

Designed for courses in Cell Biology offered at the Sophomore/Junior level, "Karp's Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments", 8th edition, continues to be the best book in the market at connecting key concepts to the experiments that reveal how we know what we know in the world of Cell Biology. This classic text explores core concepts in considerable depth, often adding experimental detail. It is written in an inviting style and at mid-length, to assist students in managing the plethora of details encountered in the Cell Biology course. In this edition, two new co-authors take the helm and help to expand upon the hallmark strengths of the book, update and integrate text and media in a useful way, improving the student learning experience.

1. Introduction to the Study of Cell and Molecular Biology
2. The Chemical Basis of Life
3. Bioenergetics, Enzymes and Metabolism
4. The Structure and Function of the Plasma Membrane
5. Aerobic Respiration and the Mitochondrion
6. Photosynthesis and the Chloroplast
7. Interactions Between Cells and Their Environment
8. Cytoplasmic Membrane Systems: Structure, Function, and Membrane Trafficking
9. The Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
10. The Nature of the Gene and the Genome
11. The Central Dogma: DNA to RNA to Protein
12. Control of Gene Expression
13. DNA Replication and Repair
14. Cell Division
15. Cell Signaling and Signal Transduction: Communication between Cells
16. Cancer
17. The Immune Response
18. Techniques in Cell and Molecular Biology
Experimental Pathways
Clinical Case Studies

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